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We are currency exchange specialists and have been offering wholesale exchange rates to retail customers since 1996'.

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Are you a Money Service Business? We offer a first class wholesale service to over 100 bureau de changes' around the country.

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If you need to send money abroad, whether £100 or £100,000 we can save you money.

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Link FX are delighted to have partnered with PFA Scotland, the independent union for professional footballers in Scotland. The main role of PFA Scotland is to take care of the players well-being within their workplace and to provide their members with the best advice available. Our partnership allows us to provide currency to players of from all 4 tiers of the Scottish leagues whether going on Summer holidays, winter breaks or European trips and fixtures.

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The Mallocra 312, 2018
On Saturday 28th April 2018, staff and friends of Link FX and Coe Solutions took part in one of the largest and most popular road cycling events in Europe.

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