Business Partners

Link FX are delighted to have partnered with PFA Scotland, the independent union for professional footballers in Scotland. The main role of PFA Scotland is to take care of the players well-being within their workplace and to provide their members with the best advice available. Our partnership allows us to provide currency to players of from all 4 tiers of the Scottish leagues whether going on Summer holidays, winter breaks or European trips and fixtures.

Fraser Wishart, PFA Scotland Chief Executive said:

“We are delighted to have Link FX as part of our network of PFA Scotland Business Partners. They are a perfect fit for our members as they not only offer fantastic currency exchange rates for group and individual holidays, but also a no-hassle money transfer service for any players sending money abroad. Having spoken to members who have used Link FX, it is reassuring for us to know that the personal service the players receive from Ally Stokoe is second to none and he will always ensure they get the best rates possible.”


John Rankin (Queen of the South)

“I was in touch with Ally at LinkFX for currency for our Christmas party. I spoke to him on one occasion, he made everything so simple, I transferred the funds to him and the next day I had Euro’s straight to my door and the rate was really good too. Gave me extra time to plan the fancy dress.”


Gary Mackay-Steven (Aberdeen)

“As I booked a last minute break in between fixtures I knew it would be a rush to get everything sorted for my trip. Ally and the team at Link FX were first class and made it simple and straightforward to get dollars for a great rate sent directly to me stress free.”


Chris Millar (St Johnstone)

“The boys landed me with the task of getting our money sorted for the Christmas Party in Dublin so I was delighted with Michelle at the PFA sent out an email saying their Business Partner Link FX could change our money at the best rates. I got in touch with Ally and, to be fair to him, didn’t give him a lot of notice but he was fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure we had our Euros for the trip. We’ll definitely use him again.”


John McGinn (Hibernian)

“I contacted Ally when I was going on holiday and needed my money changed quickly so I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to help. Thankfully, he could and I got my money in plenty of time and it saved me a lot of running around. I would highly recommend Ally and Link FX for changing currency. It’s a really straightforward and efficient service.”