Dear Valued Customer,

We know that for retail businesses costs are rising every day.

The latest example is Business Rates, which are set to soar come April 2017 – especially in London.

To assist you in focusing on running your business and trying to keep costs down, Link FX have partnered with a leading surveyor who specialises in Rates Appeals to roll out a service that will let you appeal the new Rates List which is set to come into force early next year.

Some areas of London are seeing their Business Rates treble or more and we all need to work together to prevent these extra costs from making a dent in the retail market.

Working with our surveyors we are offering you the chance of appealing your Business Rates assessments and where appropriate reducing your liabilities going forward.

Unlike many players in this market, our surveyors are offering you reduced fees for this service.

We feel that it is may be worthwhile examining your new Business rates liability and the possibility of reducing this ever-increasing expense as soon as possible. Fees are only payable on a successful appeal and it’s a no win no fee arrangement.

If you would like to explore this option please contact me with no obligation.