Whether you are a Money Service Business, a bureau de change or a business that has a need for foreign currencies or British pounds, we offer a first class, one stop wholesale service for all your currency needs.

We can meet your foreign currency and sterling requirements with the ability to supply or exchange for your business over 60 currencies.

Our expertise, gathered over 20 years in the industry, is the provision of the wholesale supply of foreign currency banknotes to the UK market. Link FX have been offering this service since its inception and it has developed into one of the largest independent currency wholesalers in the UK, with a large market share of the domestic Money Service Business market.

The company provides foreign currency services to over two hundred businesses, individuals and corporates situated throughout the United Kingdom.

Our current client list includes large bureau de change chains, stand-alone traders and corporates such as the PFA Scotland, Bath Rugby Club Foundation.

The wholesale operation is based within our retail outlet in Gloucester Road, Central London. This location offers a great advantage for Link FX as not only does it offer fantastic transport and distribution links to the Greater London and wider area, but it also acts as a fast connecting hub for the use of its currency services throughout the United Kingdom. This ensures the seamless delivery and handling of your currency transactions.

Link FX act as a middle-man connecting independent retail bureau de changes in the UK to the larger financial institutions which source banknotes from Central Banks. The company’s speciality is supplying high quality money service businesses with their foreign currency requirements that would otherwise be unable to source banknotes from the major suppliers (due to their low turnover or other commercial reasons) and can do so at the most competitive prices.

Sourcing foreign currency, exchanging it or indeed the supply of British banknotes – we can do it all for you at fantastic prices and with substantial levels of security and confidence.

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